Eden Lysette Blaber

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a Textile Designer specialising in hand woven fabrics for high-end womenswear and haute couture collections. As a designer, I respond best to visual catalysts and chaos; and a journey to Morocco earlier on in the year played a huge part in the energising elements of my main collection. Paying close attention to yarn choices, colour and texture; I have visually explored these concepts through an experimental approach in order to demonstrate the impact that this experience has had on my work. My final collection ‘Bejewelled’ has also been inspired by both contemporary and ancient jewellery, and as a result my work continues to be intricate and ornate with a luxurious feel.

Next year I will be continuing on my studies with a Masters in Textiles (Weave) at The Royal College of Art in order to fulfil my aspiration to design and make fabrics for fashion.

Tags: Colour, Cultural, Embellishment, Fashion, Haute Couture, Intricate, Ornate, Textiles, Weave

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