Elain Mair Evans

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

My multimedia approach to designing high-end womenswear print collections involves combining digital and traditional processes.  From placement prints to commercial repeat designs, my work explores the visually exciting results in transforming, manipulating and distorting ordinary objects, materials and structures.  Captured through photography, the experimental process of painting, breaking, repairing, re-shaping and assembling objects inspires my print collections. 

Discovering the beauty in the deliberate distortion of objects has led to using ‘Floral Metamorphosis’ as a theme in my current work.  Apart from the most commonly observed variants of conventional floral prints, my collection presents a fresh interpretation of botanical prints featuring rich, vibrant and vivid designs inspired by the experimental process of altering, skewing, and layering entirely primary imagery.  A lively energy and a wide range of aesthetics are achieved through the spontaneity of manipulating imagery, colour contrasts and the juxtaposition of hand drawn and photographic elements. 

Tags: Colour, Digital Print, Fashion, Print Design, Screenprint, Textile Design

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