Elena Pardo

BA (Hons)

Forum Vitae

The Forum Vitae is a winery & market concerned with the creation of a civic space within a fragmented context.

Exploring the dual meaning of the Latin word “Vitae” ( Life; Vine ), aims to provide a vertical occupation of the public realm in Piccadilly basin through the journey of the wine experience, from the process of making, selling and tasting. This intent is metaphorically transmitted through the growth of climbing vines in the central wintergarden.

Simultaneously, on the ground floor, the architectural feature of barrel vaulted arches host the market stalls that face both inward and outward, creating a porous space that expresses the open nature of the project to the public.

Tags: Arches, Architecture, Continuity, Forum, Market, Masonry, Public Realm, Winery

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