Elizabeth Skelton

Interior Design
BA (Hons)

I hold the view that to be a perceptive individual and to question each new environment provides the basis to my outlook as a designer. Interior Design in particular has led me to further my understanding of people and taking inspiration from the relationships that we hold with our surroundings; I designed a concept that harmonizes the experience, learning and fulfilment of urban people through their interaction with light. 

Considering the notion of displacement and my own adaption from rural to urban living, I identified a personal empathy towards the invisible dome that sits over an urban space.

By providing light as an amenity, a beacon of a space would help to aid city dwellers that feel the effects of Manchester’s shadow and my building’s 24-hour schedule of opening enables optimum accessibility. A personal appreciation of heritage and conservation has led me to re-design a grade-listed building and helps to further the project’s key themes of forward thinking and ecology. 

Taking the form of an experience space, the project is unique and through engaging people with light through installation and stimulation; it aims to promote better mood, higher productivity, elevated awareness and ultimately allow for a more efficient Manchester to develop through improving the health and wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Tags: Architecture, Community, Energy, Fmp, Green, Interactive, Interior Design, Light, Manchester, Space, University

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