Ellie Shouer

Master of Architecture

Interested in the production of space through the intimacy of the human scale, my work is focused on the exploration of relationships - both personal and political - of place and the human experience. I have worked on projects in Latin America and Cyprus and am currently focused on applying the architectural skills that I have in developing contexts.  

The project presented here, understands the occupation of the architect as that of an enabler (J.Boys, 2014) perhaps even a mediator between the user/occupant and the desired outcome of any design project. It develops a methodology by which final design decisions are based on co-creation and combined knowledge (R.Marini,2014).

Being developed at the informal settlement of Monte Sinaí in Guayaquil, Ecuador, it aims to create a material language and set of Supports which can be used and adapted directly by the local community, empowering them to take charge over their own physical environment.

Tags: Bamboo, Construction System, Earth Blocks, Engagement, Established Knowledge, Informal Settlement, Urban And Local

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