Eloise Scrivens

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a hand weaver focusing on woven pieces for galleries, one off pieces and architectural spaces. I enjoy producing sculptural, textural and experimental fabrics and experimenting with yarns and fibres to see how they behave when woven together.

I am particularly inspired by how light interacts and distorts architectural spaces, in particular the negative space and distorted shape left behind. This idea inspired me to use a transparent monofilament yarn which has allowed me to create my own negative space within my weaving, and a tactile and almost invisible quality. I use photography as inspirations for my weave samples, as well as a way of manipulating and distorting imagery to gather structural and yarn inspiration.

I aim to produce tactile, structural and experimental pieces which complement the space and surroundings they are designed for. I aspire to become a woven textile designer after graduating, welcoming collaboration opportunities and commissions.

Tags: Distorted Weft, Distrotion, Experimental, Light, Monofilament, One Off Pieces

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