Emli Watson

Interior Design
BA (Hons)


The Perceived Boundaries. 

I am an Interior Designer that has always had an interest in the communication between an individual and existing space. Whether this is through observation or interaction, a relationship is formed when the interior is interrogated. I believe this process begins when an individual crosses the initial threshold that sheathes the design - the poetics are then complemented by the journey taken.

Precinct is an interactive space designed to encourage individuals to explore their surroundings and the changes made by the weather. Access to an observatory, live-feed weather updates and interactive installations offer individuals the opportunity to amplify their periphery. Through the notion of noticing the unnoticed Manchester’s vicinities become defined.

The success of this space is evident through the acknowledgments made towards the changes in weather, the recognition of the undiscovered and the relationships formed between an individual and city.

Tags: Acknowledgment, Amplifying Your Periphery, Communication, Exploring Manchester's Vicinities, Framing, Interaction, Manipulation, Noticing The Unnoticed, Observation, Preconception, Reflection, Revealing The Undiscovered, Sensory Deprivation, The Journey, The Surroundings, Threshold

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