Emma Patterson

Graphic Design
BA (Hons)

La Boite is a collaborative project with another Graphic Design student which features luxurious packaging showcasing repurposed found objects. Our aim is to make littered objects found on the streets of Manchester and design them to be desirable printing tools for artists and creatives alike.  

'e is for Chameleon' is a project inspired by synesthesia and triggered by letterpressing with the Baskerville typeface. The book titled 'e is for Chameleon' shows the characters formed by the alphabet and targets children to express their creativity in their primary education. 

Tags: Art Direction, Baskerville, Books, Characters, Colour, Conceptual, Digital, E Is For Chameleon, Ecommerce, Ejpdesign, Graphic Design, Illustration, La Boite, Letterpress, Package Design, Packaging, Print, Synesthesia, Typography

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