Farzana Ullah

Creative Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a textile artist specialising in print, I combine a wide range of techniques and materials when creating my designs. Colour and pattern plays an important role in my work. I aim to make challenging and innovative work, which is inspired by both natural and man-made elements. Through the fragmentation of shapes and imagery I attempt to transform what was previously simple into something spectacular.  My love of rich textures and surface patterns has led me to develop a layered approach to my work, where a mix of processes come together to create unique designs. My latest collections have been inspired by the world of insects.my textile prints reflect the intricate patterns, the symmetrical nature, and the beautiful colours found in these insects. These recent collections have been symptomatic of the recurring themes within the larger framework of my work, which is based around order, symmetry, repetition, and geometry.

Tags: Design, Digital Print, Lasercut, Screenprint

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