Fatin Zolkeplay

Master of Architecture

Defining an issue of demolition a neighbourhood area while having a crisis on the shortage of housing, are consider a problem that rolling in the market industry. Anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, trespass has been haunting the Moston Pub Estate for ages. There is no sense of natural surveillance that guard over this neighbourhood area. 

Depth study on the spatial quality of the Estate have been done through a series of observation. Encounter the issue by addressing  factors that affect the problem is part of methodology to prevent a demolition. There are minimal touch on the existing housing block as this estate are concern to accommodate a social and affordable scheme. 

My initial design involved a series of master plan strategies carried through into housing and end-up with a nursing care home which designed to be part of the neighborhood area. Having dependent and independent typology for nursing home fits all sort of background, even with a dementia concern. The new master plan layout should clearly clarify the residential territory and public realm.

Tags: Affordable Housing, Community, Courtyard, Dementia, Housing, Masterplan, Nursing Home, Social Housing, Xdemolition

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