Finbar Charleson

BA (Hons)

Imagining a new typology of waste water treatment in Stockport. Millions of tiny creatures cleanse the excrement of 18,000 people through the use of emerging biotechnology. Treatment tanks fluctuate with the influent level, whilst plants indicate the type of pathogens therein.

Unlike most energy infrastructure, central to WWW is the notion of public engagement, as people are free to wander the botanical gardens cleansing their waste. Hard and soft engineering interventions ensure a relationship betnween man and machine is negotiated for the betterment of the natural environment. The industrial heritage of the town, is recognized as the project aims to bring our ageing infrastructure into an uncertain age of climate change, with grace and hope.

Digital analysis is supported by analogue developments in drawing and making, as the project pursues a synthesis of gestures of both poetry and performance.

Tags: Architecture, Biology, Design, Drought, Ecology, Environment, Industry, Infrastructure, Technology, Water

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