Gabriela Nikolova

Interior Design
BA (Hons)

“Welcome to experience design. We solved the problem of displaying clothes on racks long ago, but learning how to seduce the sensory deprived and information-overloaded shoppers with a compelling special story is well, a different story.”

This project takes inspiration from consumerism and consumer behaviour as well as from the increasing need for re-shaping retail and its future.

Designing for experience

With the ascendancy of e-commerce, shopping apps, augmented reality, consumers now research products and discounts, get advice on trends and fashion all accessible at their keyboards. And while that is a great convenience, the internet can not provide us with the kind of experience that moves us. All because it is simply impossible to feel texture and please all our senses through the screens.

This project creates a revolutionary space that embraces and acknowledges the need for designing for the senses and experiences. It is more that just a regular retail space. It challenges what the future of all retail stores can be.

By challenging what consumerism can be it takes on a new approach to re-imagine the charity shop and turn it into a hub for the community, the consumer and the brand, all under one roof. A place to encompass the process from cradle to cradle by up-cycling clothes and fabrics. A place to explore, to find yourself, to shop and mostly to experience.

Tags: 3d Design, Brands, Consumerism, Design, Experience, Future Retail, Research, Retail, Senses

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