Gabriella Hernandez

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

I am a contemporary jeweller that predominantly works with ready-made materials, combining them with plastics and metals to create bright statement pieces.

The reinforcement of gender roles within children’s toys and the packaging of toys have influenced my current collection. I wanted to make a humorous yet real comment on how toy companies design and produce domestic-based, pink, pretty, princess objects that are directed towards girls, and action-packed, blue, tough, army things for boys.

I decided to do this by recreating the packaging, using fluorescent laser cut acrylic, adding ironic but amusing gender specific messages and role reversing the toys while also including the original toys within the pieces along with laser cut drawings of the toys.

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Tags: Acrylic, Contemporary Jewellery, Feminism, Fluorescent, Gender, Jewellery, Laser Cut, Plastic, Ready-mades

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