Gabriella Rose

Interior Design
BA (Hons)

As an interior designer, I believe that a good design stems from a strong narrative and effective reasoning behind choices within the design. I believe this allows the users to truly connect with and experience the space, and also allows the design to remain current and sustainable.

Drawing inspiration from my own commuting experiences, observations and research, I realised that one of the main problems surrounding public transport services are the waiting areas provided, and that they largely insufficiently cater for the typical Manchester weather. With the local community as well as hundreds of visitors passing through the city centre each day, there is an increasing need for the provision of shelter, and an increasing strain placed on current resources. This can often result in a negative user experience, and I aim to turn this into a positive experience within my project.

SHELTER, aims to improve the waiting experience by providing a solution that is both functional and creative. Its interior will provide shelter and relief from the elements; providing spaces that allow people to Alleviate, Refresh, Ignite and Evaporate, before they embark on the next part of their journey. Incorporating the encounters of the outdoors, the space also aims to connect the outdoor gardens with the interior, creating a transparency rather than a boundary.

Tags: City, Experience, Installation, Interior Design, Journey, Manchester, Public, Shelter, Transport

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