Grace Davies

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a printed textile designer who specialises in trend forecasting and art direction. I thrive on working with colour and pattern, creating my own prints from my original drawings and photography.

The inspiration for this project came from the idea of materiality. Investigating new and innovative materials used in architecture and design, pushing their boundaries and seeing whether their qualities could cross over and be used within a fashion context.

I have developed a trend output ‘Manipulated Materiality’ that I hope to inspire others. The trend magazine contains inspirational and concept lead imagery, which translates the trend to its intended audience. I also have a strong interest in using unusual, objects and materials to create contemporary sets for art directed shoots, this is shown in the look book I have curated.

I am a highly motivated and creative individual with innovative ideas, able to develop art directed and trend focused concepts with adaptability and a creative vision. As well as my experience in fashion and textile design, I have knowledge in editorial for digital and print, e-commerce development and contemporary set design.

Imstagram : gracedavies_

Tags: Art Direction, Digital Print, Print, Styling, Trend Forecasting

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