Hannah Heaf

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

Inspiration for my final collection has come from organic texture and structure within nature. I have designed a collection of knitted textiles, which capture these natural forms, and garments, which embody a shell, or exoskeleton, which have been imposed onto the human body.

Contrasting sheer and highly structural fabrics has driven my garment design, allowing me to create a diverse collection. I have elevated this through a focus on colour and material, using paper, silk and steel yarns to capture the texture of natural surfaces and structures.

I have also introduced a graphic element to my textile design, creating digital prints to go alongside my knit designs, and utilising laser-cut technology to place my digital drawings onto felted knit.

I aspire to work in the high-end fashion market, innovating knit techniques to create original pieces and further establishing my own unique design identity.

Tags: Fashion, Knit, Organic, Structural, Textiles

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