Hannah Jones

BA (Hons)

This project is about twenty something's, and the exciting, confusing, wonderful, terrifying and frustrating feelings that everyone in this period of their life has either felt at some point or another, or continually experiences them on a regular basis. The feeling of wishing you could just fast forward to your life in 10 years and take a glimpse. The feeling of our own hopeless idealistic views on all the possibly great things that could come our way, if they ever will. Sometimes forgetting that in this time of our lives, the possibilities of that 'anything could happen' line that everybody takes comfort in fades into the background, and feelings and life for a 20 something in this day and age, in this world, unbearably overwhelms us, and instead what welcomes us with a friendly slap in the face and more often than what we care to admit, are waves of gut wrenching feelings of loneliness, struggle, embarrassment, and constant self analysing, as we carry on blindly finding our way. 

Tags: 35mm, Analogue, Photography, Portraiture

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