Holly Bowden

Interactive Arts
BA (Hons)

My individual experiences form the basis of my practice, which has introduced the medical/scientific crossover with art. The mental and physical healing processes are a key influence and I use my body to create marks with body painting in relation to my operations and scars. I have been investigating mental health and well-being for the mental healing side of my practice. I have undergone surgery which has made me explore both of these healing processes, and this is the key factor to why I use my body to produce work as, to me, it is the most important material/canvas. I taught myself how to suture which makes my work distinctive because of the medical techniques used to make creative outcomes. Natural materials, such as orange peel, are a familiar because of the connection to human skin and also its use to practicing nurses. 

The main stimuli are Archibald Mcindoe who was the reconstructive surgeon who revolutionized plastic surgery, and Jan Hopkins who uses natural materials to create items of clothing and decoration.

Tags: Deconstruction, Film, Fruit., Medical Art, Suturing

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