Isobel Sofia Francis

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

My design process revolves around knit and print design, informed by my love for drawing. Having previously explored themes of nostalgia and family through collections of sentimental objects, Reminiscence focuses upon my late grandad’s love of fly fishing. The intricate nature of his hand-crafted fishing flies alongside objects such as binoculars have provided me with a wealth of visual material to work from.

I always commence the creative process through drawing and image making, favouring a fluid, continuous line. I translated this into my prints, abstracting the images through manipulation on Photoshop, to create interesting and unique designs.

My work is predominantly knitted fabrics designed for a fashion context, however through my final year I have explored the relationship of shape and the body. My underlying concept of basic three-dimensional shape informing my garments meant I was able to experiment with placement and movement on the body, whilst embodying my original research and visual aesthetic.

Tags: Colour, Drawing, Fashion, Garments, Illustraton, Knit, Print, Reminiscence, Shape

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