Jacenta Bevington

Interactive Arts
BA (Hons)

I am compelled by an interest in the relationship between the use of art as a therapeutic technique and how my creative practice has enhanced my own psychological health, through designing mandalas.

My work focuses on using digital media to create geometric mandala designs, depicting the delicate stages of a dragonfly’s life cycle, relating to the progressive stages of a mandalas construction.

My inspiration comes from artistic anatomy, capturing the finite details of species, specifically the stages of metamorphous in dragonflies and butterflies, represented in my art practice through illustration and the use of print.

My mandala designs are created to contradict the idea of aesthetically pleasing art with an underlying negative connotation of the foreseeable extinction of species.

My current practice depicts the fragility and instability of insects’ ecosystems and how the human race is endangering the essential equilibrium of nature.

Tags: Butterflies, Digital Media, Illustration, Print Design, Silk Screen Printing

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