Jade Fawcett

Fine Art
BA (Hons)

The works plays with the notion of abstraction and addresses the formal elements of painting. The artist’s own relationship with the process of painting itself was central to this, finding ways of overcoming the challenges of the medium, to produce visually stimulating abstract works.  The work exists to raise questions about the act of painting and what painting can be. Colour is crucial as its interaction and impact provides an experience for the viewer. Playful collaged paper is incorporated to prompt questions about how a painting can be produced. These works are painted directly onto the wall, held in place by background colours, wherever they end. Some of the shapes go beyond the background colour to push the boundaries of the painting. The paintings are intergrated into the architecture of the gallery, allowing them to be about how the shapes are placed in the space. 

Tags: Abstract, Acrylics, Colour, Household Paint, Painting, Paper, Wall Painting

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