Jess Monaci

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

Using a combination of embroidery, print and layering, my practice focuses upon creating experimental and tactile textile designs for interiors. 

My work is strongly derived from the beautiful architecture of vastly different cities to which I have travelled and photographed. Through this I aim to capture the fluidity, shape and colour of the architecture to translate into both drawing and design. The visual line qualities found within my drawings are my main inspiration for my textile designs and through this I aimed to capture a sense of fluidity throughout all of my designs. 

I aspire to create beautiful and sophisticated designs with experimental and hand drawn approach for interiors. My further intentions are to gain experience with designers both freelance and within  branded company, in order to further my knowledge of the interior design world. 

Tags: Architecture, Drawing, Embroidery, Fabric, Interiors, Screen Print, Textiles

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