Jessica Hatcher

Interior Design
BA (Hons)

The project focuses on the consequences of the increase in online retail in Manchester’s most prestigious consumer area; King Street. The advances in technology have meant that consumers are now experimenting with products prior to purchasing them from the comfort of their home. The decrease in occupied units along King Street has meant that it is often forgotten about in the city, and I believe that a design solution that engages the public with the journey new brands take from development to success, is crucial in accomplishing this.

View aims to revitalise King Street as a consumer focal point in Manchester with a revolutionary space that showcases the garments from three emerging fashion brands. Through the main fashion events, such as fashion shows, award ceremonies and launch dinners, the public and executives from the industry can view the new collections.

Tags: Consumerism, Emerging Brands, Events, Fashion, Fashion Events, Interior, Interior Design, King Street

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