Jessica Richmond-Tudor

Graphic Design
BA (Hons)

I am a driven and enthusiastic designer who is able to think outside the box. I enjoy working on collaborative projects and independently. I work with different media from print to hand rendered design to computerised graphics. I enjoy bringing hand drawn work to digital platforms and photography.

Branding and editorial design is something I consider to be my strongest design area. I enjoy creating brand identities and getting to know the ethos and message the company wants to convey before using this to influence my design choices. A strong brand identity is important for any company and getting that right is defiantly important to me.

I enjoy creating humorous, playful and also more professional and language based pieces. Interacting with the viewer is something I strive to achieve, as I want the massage from my piece of work to be well perceived by the viewer.

Tags: Branding, Editorial, Experimental, Graphic Design, Handcrafted, Photography, Print, Textural

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