Jessie Damman

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

My work is mainly focused around the theme of creating a narrative and incorporating that into textiles using illustration with digital aspects involving the subject of animals. Throughout my work my aim is to creating Illustrative prints that convey a story within the image, this way of working has allowed me to take a playful approach on how I create my digital and surface prints and has helped me evolve as an artist.

My work focuses on three different areas; Illustration, surface print and digital print, allowing me to be able to combine different techniques to create a new and unique style that I find helps me stands out from other Designers. Colour is also heavily involved in my work, producing fun and colourful illustrations and patterns that have attracted a wide range of interest.

Tags: Animals, Colour, Digital, Digital Print, Narrative, Print, Screen Print, Textiles

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