Jordan Alex Smith

Fine Art
BA (Hons)



A comment on culture, political logic, obscurity

 ‘What artists like about the art they like when they don’t know why’? Ed Ruscha

Titles and statements, the influence of language and text

Bas Jan Ader, ‘In search of the miraculous’.

Nedko Solakov’s ‘A Life (Black and White)’,

logic. erase. new meaning.

My work starts as a drawing, an idea, a concept, a title

an object, a drawing, a three dimensional object, an installation.

Handwritten, discarded thoughts, emails and notebooks

Discarded thoughts provoking interest.

Logic, disillusion, politics and capitalism

Oppresses, confuses


‘What happens when nothing happens?

Function and implication 

Contextualize recontextualize then decontextualize


Language of less


Curation within a framework (the object)

How to place, displace within a space

Poetic Concrete

Humour, serious yet subtle

Drawing as a tool, Conviction, a digital framework

Humanity is ok, but 99% of people are boring idiots

Slavoj Zizek

Tags: Conceptual, Drawing, Minimal, Philosophy

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