Karan Gandhi

BA (Hons)

The project is an attempt to create a structure based on what can be interpreted to be a potential architectural language elucidating the viewpoint of a spider. The ‘Spider web extraction factory ’ has been my focus project for third year, and it attempts to develop and explore the Infinite opportunities that spider as an organism provides us with and the potential innovation that our century could experience with adequate use of technology and precise and careful architectural  understanding. Spiders weave amazing creations from self-made materials that even human engineers envy. Spider silk has properties unmatched by any man made material, and this conceptual organisation will help to reproduce the nature’s ancient bio material at a larger scale. A space designed especially for these tiny beasts to live and be observed, explored and researched upon and finally be of use to man itself.

Tags: Bioarchitecture, Concept, Displace Non Place, Environmentaldesign, Factory, Future, Nature, Production, Spider, Spidersilk, Urban

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