Karolina Zglobicka

Fine Art
BA (Hons)

My work is about layering again and again.

Constant process of removing, and adding to the composition erratically, allows me to freely explore the contradictions of materiality and colour within painting. With visible liquidity in the way in which the paint is applied to canvas, I use white as a neutralising aspect, juxtaposing its use as a base, starting point, main element of composition and medium to alter the presence of colour.

My work is about layering again and again.

Accumulated materials and mediums, assumptions and information create multi layered definition of my own understanding of painting, questioning who is a painter, who is a viewer and who is an accompaniment in an endless performance of creativity.

Tags: Abstract, Black, Blackboard, Chalk, Grid, Oil, Painter, Painting, Pattern, Perspective, Space, Words, Writing, Yellow

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