Kathryn Rothery

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

My practice is centred around coding communication and identity. I spent my third year researching coding and alternative written languages when I came across an ancient Incan communication method called a Quipu. This involved tying knots within rope to represent numerical data. With no formal written language, the Incas would read the knots like text and then pass the information across the empire.

I then appropriated this method to a contemporary context using personal numerical data. I find in modern society, there are many numbers assigned to us that feel more prevalent than our names. Whilst being at university, my student number 12088796 has become my identity and I find myself using it more often than my name. My work can be read like a written visual language displaying my identity through rope, nets and knots.

Tags: Communication, Data, Identity, Installation, Knots, Nets, Rope, Textiles

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