Katie Edwards

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a Print Designer focusing on Digital Print Design applied to surfaces within an interior context. My inspiration for my designs includes references to Historical Estates and English Heritage Gardens, as well as 18th Century Special Collections of Textiles. My drawing and initial research involves exploring Floral forms and motifs found in this Historical Textile research. I've used hand drawn experiments in a variety of media, creating textured inky surfaces, then developed these through digital designs in my own contemporary style. This style of development creates an atmospheric and dramatic, moody feel in my collection of wallpaper and fabric designs. Complimenting this mood, I have designed other prints that build a subtler, lighter feel in the composition and colour of these designs.

Aiming for a High-end Market, I have created a collection of print designs that have a traditional but contemporary ornate style.

Tags: Contemporary, Digital Print Design, Floral, Hand Drawn, Interior, Surface Pattern, Wallpaper

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