Kayley Kahan

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

Glittering jewels, clicking beads and smooth surfaces: the sensory appeal of jewellery finds a special audience in children, especially those in the process of discovering an exciting world where anything can be a toy. From strings of squishy beads to self-assembly chains of links, I use a playful approach to making with a strong foundation in concept, resulting in these fun wearables designed to stimulate sensory development and promote interaction between parent and child, appealing to children and grown-up children alike. Feeling most at home in between your Jewellery and Toy Box- these pieces want to be worn and played with.

Tags: Acrylic, Bangles, Bracelets, Children, Colour, Construction, Contemporary, Fun, Interaction, Jewellery, Lazer-cut, Necklaces, Playful, Playtime, Sensory, Shape

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