Kosmas Neochoritis

Landscape Architecture
BA (Hons)

Extreme weather conditions are going to be appearing more frequently over the years due to the disruption of the water cycle and the climate change. The challenge is, for Stockport, to adopt into these  conditions and avoid big socio-cultural problems that would be caused by the phenomenon. Framing views and bringing people closer to the river but simultaneously protecting them from the phenomenon , and using its positive elements  when needed in the future , is a program that promotes adaptability of a site and works with the extreme rather than against it. My design is aiming to make people walk more and improve their relationship with the river , even in extreme precipitation occasions , by creating a themed walk that starts from the woodland, where people get glimpses of what is following, and is leading to controlled flooded areas  with different characters according to the theme that they represent.

Tags: Adaptation, Extreme Precipitation, Landscape Architecture, Reconnect With The River, Treasure Hunt, Walk More

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