Kotryna Dapsyte

BA (Hons)

During the years of my architectural education I have developed a passion for sustainable design that takes into consideration community, social, economic and environmental context.

In my final year of Architecture Part 1 programme at MSA  I am a part of an atelier called Common Ground with a particular interest and focus on user-centred approach to designing sustainable buildings with adaptability to respond effectively to altering requirements of the community and urban context.

My final year’s project is heavily based on research of urban and cultural context of Manchester city and it aims to bring back the identity of the city into a commercial area of Manchester city centre. The proposed building is a School of Performing Arts with a concert hall. The project is challenging as I aim to create a design that corresponds to immediate site context as well as having unique interior qualities. 

Tags: Environmental Design, Urban Design, User-centred Design

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