Lamiaa Abouelala

BA (Hons)

The EDMA Research Center (Education for Micro-Algae Research) aims to promote possibilities for reducing, if not eradicating, air pollution through the use of  new technologies using micro-algae. The idea is to use the landscape as means of luring people through this maze of ponds to further enhance their awareness for air pollution. This experiential journey guides them towards the EDMA Center where several educational services are available to enrich their knowledge on micro-algae and the role it plays in their present and future. This is further strengthened through the direct visual to the Woodbank mills across the street. The combination of the landscape and the building itself serve as a safe haven against the extreme pollution surrounding it; hence acts as a temple for ground breaking research solutions for CO2 emissions.

Tags: Environment, Extreme Pollution, Reduce Co2

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