Lara Gerrard

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

As a Designer Maker of sustainable gifts I strive to find sustainable materials and processes that are environmentally friendly. My practice is driven through material experimentation and I choose to work with sustainable materials as opposed to non-renewable material sources. There are many materials in the world we have either forgot about or are still to discover and I intend to experiment with them, creating decorative Eco-friendly gift objects. Everything in my practice is considered, from the materials I use, to the tools I use, to my packaging. Environmental impact is an important part of my practice.

I have most recently found myself venturing into the world of sustainable Jewellery. Making jewellery from sustainable materials with environmentally friendly processes means that I can create objects that can be both cherished and inform people of our need for sustainability in the world.

Tags: Ecosilver, Environmentally Friendly, Handmade, Jewellery, Pine Resin, Resin, Silver, Sustainable Jewellery, Sustainable Materials

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