Laura Dunnage

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

My practice focusses on building a narrative into ceramics through use of clay as a canvas. I use slip casting as my principle method of making, but sequentially alter each piece to be individual and different, using the base form as the starting point of development.

My current project is focused on poisonous plants and raising awareness regarding the hazards of their sinister nature, trying to convey this inherent beauty and danger in each ceramic piece. I have achieved this through a series of vessels concentrating on different floras. This will conclude in a collection of work that portrays an informative narrative and induces conversation and awe.

Tags: 3dd, Ceramics, Clay, Colour, Design, Embelishment, Form, Hand-building, Illustrated Surface, Illustration, Lathe, Mould Making, Narrative, Nature, Poisonous Plants, Pottery, Slip-cast

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