Laura Kent

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

Using a combination of embroidery, glass and embellishment techniques; I create innovative fabric samples designed for fashion application.

Heavily influenced by the translation of natural surface patterns into embroidery design; I focus primarily upon capturing the organic movements produced by the shoreline. I am interested in the concept that no two patterns produced by the waves are ever identical; continuously changing and combining to create a series of serendipitous and individual markings, with each movement providing its’ own identity and beauty. In this collection, I aim to recapture these qualities through repetitive and laborious approaches; replicating my hand drawn marks into embroidery through a machine process, then exposing new depths to my samples through cut-work and the layering of materials, and highlighting areas through heavy embellishment, hand stitch and beadwork.

Tags: Beading, Embellishment, Embroidery, Fashion, Glass, Haute Couture, Machine Embroidery, Sewing, Textiles, Textiles For Fashion

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