Lucy Smith

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

As a digital print designer I work with various illustrative, photographic and digital techniques to create my decorative prints. Whilst focusing on fashion, I also create prints for a more general surface pattern outcome. In my work I am often inspired by the past and try to seamlessly combine traditional techniques, historic elements and modern technology to create richly illustrative prints that tell a story.

In my current work I have been looking at the concept of collecting. Whether it is collectors obsessed with one type of object, rare antiques or simply collections of the worthless detritus we pick up in daily life, I’m interested in what draws people to items and how people curate their personal collections. In my series of scarves I focused on curiosities and collectibles, using luxurious colours and textures to create vivid scenes which each have their own narrative. 

Tags: Antiques, Collectables, Fashion, Print, Scarves, Surface Design, Textiles

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