Lydia Cotterell

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

The idea of ‘Unsophisticated art’, has translated through the naïve aesthetic of my work, allowing it to be unashamedly playful.  This has created vibrant, eclectic and colourful designs mirroring the vast variety of sights seen in festival crowds.The character illustrations that adorn my fabrics are inspired by the wild costumes seen at festivals and carnivals, and are heavily influenced by the photographs of Charles Freger’s folkloric Wilder Mann.

My collections are focused on exterior and interior contexts, transitioning from day to day products through to camping and outdoor living equipment. I have translated these ideas with a strong focus on handmade processes specifically screen printing with a mixture of digital sublimation prints. 

Tags: Exteriors, Festivals, Folkart, Interiors, Screen Print, Surface Design, Textiles, Tip

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