Marcin Kaziul

Fine Art
BA (Hons)

I like to compare painting to poetry as it is about experience, expression and self-reflection all wrapped up in aesthetic compositions. My art balances the introspective thought with absurdist themes which become defined through observation of the everyday human condition. Quite often I like to create settings or situations where psychological turmoil, humour, irony, life and death coexist together, thus forming paradoxical unions of opposites.

Most of my paintings consist of representational portraits which are painted on paper with watercolours and gouache. The transparency, which is watercolour's main property, fits with my idea of creating sincere, 'see-through' art which is then complimented with the intensity of colour that gouache brings.

Tags: Absurdism, Chaos, Confusion, Figurative, Gouache, Illustrative Art, Watercolours

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