Margherita Murgia

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

My final project is based on designing a game for serice users with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Funky Faces helps people with ASD to understand the structure of the face and to read emotions. It also improves the development to problem-solving, cognitive and fine motor skills, as well as teaching people with ASD to recognitive the size and shape of facial features.

The product contains three workshops, each designed as a 1-2-1 activity with differing and developmental aims:


Understanding facial structure using jigsaw parts.


Teaching emotions using velcro backed cards.


Encourages the mimicking of emotions by drawing on the mirror.

Tags: Asd, Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Designer, Emotions, Face, Facial, Funky Faces, Laser Cutter, Learning, Product Designer, Teaches, Together Trust

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