Mariam Nadeem

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a print textile designer my work mainly consists of surface pattern. A reoccurring theme through out my work is my inspiration an influences, which are consistently derived by my life, culture and ethnicity.

I have always been interested in traditions within my own culture, including things I have yet to learn myself, being a British born Pakistani. This enthused me to share my findings and enlighten everyone to celebrate and embrace the colourful festivities alongside me. I also gave me an opportunity to show a side of my and my culture that is rarely seen.

The main aims of my work are to incorporate cultural traditions that have been passed down generations and to mix them with new exciting modern influences that can still be appreciated in both my cultures Pakistani and English.

In a similar way to my aim I have mixed traditional print making techniques such as mono printing with modern digital techniques to produce a final outcome.

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