Megan Wood

Interior Design
BA (Hons)

As a designer, I believe that a space should preserve and enhance the already existing characteristics from within a building whilst having the ability to do the same for the occupant. It should explore the already existing stories of the building whilst allowing for new ones to be created. Ultimately it should provide a safe environment for those who occupy it whilst enabling them to be expressive both collaboratively and individually. A space should encourage social interaction as much as it encourages self-improvement. I believe that form should follow function and that spaces should be designed for the user whilst accepting influences from the building and reflecting upon them.

At some point we will all need a space to escape, a place to release and someone who we are able to communicate with happily and freely and, most importantly, able to trust. For the closed off mind, this can be hard to find. The conventional way to deal with any problems of the mind we may have is to seek therapy, often in an intimidating and uncomfortable environment. My concept offers the unconventional forms of therapy whilst encouraging social interaction and aiding self-expression through personal words, images, moving image and possessions. By extracting these forms of communication through various workshops my concept aims to help break down personal barriers and re-discover the hidden layers of a person – their mental library of stories. Whether it is a few hours, or a few days; my aim is to provide a space and a support network for this.

Tags: 3d Modelling, Design, Interior Architecture, Interior Desgin, Photoshop, Vectorworks, Visuals

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