Nasr Haque

Landscape Architecture
BA (Hons)

Route 56:

My agenda is to minimise the industriali characteristics of Stockport to encourage people to understand that there is a need to restore the earth to what it once was. I have done this by enforcing the importance of cycling upon the public of Stockport and bnasry introducing Route 56 which is an add on to the government’s future plans of having route 55 implemented in Stockport - this is not just a cycle lane but also a place for people to gather and enjoy themselves. The project includes an algae farm which purifies the River Tame, special tree species selected to clean the contaminated soils of old industrial sites through the proccess Phytoremediation.

Tags: Architecture, Design, Environment, Haque, Landscape, Manchester, Mmu, Nasr, Sustainability, Urban

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