Nicole Simon

Interior Design
BA (Hons)

As a designer, I believe an interior should generate an experience for the visitor. Walking through Manchester, I observed a vast amount of runners alone, making me wonder whether a building could encourage group running to allow people to interact and engage with one another. 

Manchester has vastly become the UK’s biggest running city with it constantly expanding every year, but there is not much focus on providing a community and facilities in the city centre. Tread aims to encourage health and wellbeing, linking to the ever-rising obesity rates and health concerns, encouragement to be active has never been more prominent.

For the keen runner, the part-time runner, for the average city worker, Tread is designed for all abilities. Inspired by the idea of SYNERGY, and how a community can be formed, Tread provides a community aspect, a refresh area with shower and change facilities, healthy option cafe, lockers, health, nutrition and fitness support and a running shop. All providing runners with facilities they need for their run in the city centre.

Tags: Commercial, Interior Design, Running

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