Oliver Scholes

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

My practice is both client and industry led design, that applies characterful, simple solutions to furniture and objects. Working with a palate of honest materials and direct processes to connect each project. I enjoy creating objects that support the functions within everyday life.

Earlier this year I completed a client led brief that developed my capacity to solve unknown, function led objects. I was asked to create a ‘receptacle for my everyday work office stuff’. I worked within constraints to produce a unique material and construction based solution that allowed for flexible use around hot-desking, meetings and design work.

Currently I am producing a series of elemental furniture pieces that inform each other by utilising the combination of birch-ply laminate and steel tubing with simple construction. They are manufactured as one compact unit. 

Tags: Cnc, Felt, Functional, Furniture, Industrial Design, Manufacture, Metal, Production, Products, Simple, Wood

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