Olivia Rushin

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

I am a ceramic artist working in the applied arts field, combining concept with found objects and craft techniques in order to evidence my narratives as an installation. I find the inspiration for my work within my own memory, revisiting past experiences with the people and objects that have informed my identity. I initially respond to a specific site, in this case returning to the land where my first childhood home once stood, sadly demolished after the destruction of a landslide. An excavation on the site is a starting point, to uncover something which has since become lost or neglected and to inform a narrative around these found objects. These narratives are established through poetry, influenced by my own familial memories and imagined stories, which I further progress into surrealist illustrations in order to visualise the real and the imagined.  In this case my drawings have become mixed media, three dimensional objects, representations of the separate layers in the poem, the dreamlike state of mind informed by memory, the conscious state of mind visualizing reality and  a surreal fantasy depicting a new found utopia world.

Tags: Blueandwhite, Ceramics, Childhood, Fantasy, Figurines, Finebonechina, Illustration, Memory, Narrative, Willow, Willowpattern

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