Orestis Kyriakides

Master of Architecture

New Runcorn is an exciting place where citizens are able to organise and re-organise the town according to their needs and desires. Whilst a high degree of urban freedom is available in New Runcorn, this innovative urban framework requires a set of rules in order to make the above possible without causing any harm to our valuable planet or to each other’s individual freedom.

The Institute for Dynamic Urbanism is the regulatory body which ensures for the smooth development of New Runcorn. It is our job to provide the citizens of New Runcorn the physical and non-physical means needed for the creation of their dream town.

As a result, a set of rules constantly develops a dynamic underlying non-physical urban topography, whilst a megastructure – with the potential of covering the entire town – embodies endless physical forms, waiting to be discovered by the citizens of New Runcorn. 

Tags: Megastructure, Non-physical Topography, Participatory Urbanism, Physical Infrastructures, Urban Framework

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