Rebecca Hammond

BA (Hons)

Mother and Daughter

My work focuses on the stereotypical non- existing boundaries between the mother and daughter relationship and makes comments on the temporal state of boredom, drawing attention to our inner lives. By the time you recognize that boredom exists, you are already in it, lost in your own thoughts. My staged photographs resemble what is real and what exists in modern society, through the use of closed curtains and closed of emotions there is tension created.

The scenes are very intimate and closed of, as I believe emotions run high behind closed doors, when we feel as if we are alone and are comfortable in our surroundings. My photographs represent my view on what is real in modern society, we are so connected with the outside world that we become disconnected with each other which creates an uneasy atmosphere, their body language and thoughts are disconnected from each other which makes a comment on our modern day society.

Tags: Female, Modern Society, Portrait, Staged

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