Rebecca I'Anson

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

I am a designer / maker working in clay. I primarily use the manufacturing process of slip casting to create functional and aesthetical pieces of homeware.

I am interested in how we relate to everyday objects and what we can learn through making them. I enjoy calling upon scientific research for surface design, inspiration  and connecting these worlds of science and art.

My current work is a hot drinks range, which features the drink specific molecules.  From looking at my work it is clear that there is a strong influence from science, this is shown from the clinical aesthetics of my work.  The double walled aspect of my work offers beautiful aesthetics and keeps the liquid warmer for longer, while protecting your hands from the heat.

Tags: Beverage, Ceramics, Chocolate, Coffee, Cups, Double Walled, Functional, Homeware, Hot Drink, Insulated, Manufacturing, Milk, Molecule, Pepper, Rebecca Lauren I'anson, Salt, Science, Slip Casting, Sugar, Tea, Treats, Wooden Paddle

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